The World's first and only Kiss Transfer gadget


Send a kiss, across the globe, over the net, in real time

What is it

  • The Kissenger, derived from the word Kiss+Messenger, is the world’s first and only operating and commercially viable kiss transferal device in existence
  • The original Kissenger concept was conceived at the National University of Singapore in 2011, and has evolved into the creation of Singapore incorporated Kissengers Pte Ltd in 2012
  • Combining resources and a developers from Singapore, Sri Lanka, Spain, Taiwan , USA and China over 2 years, The Kissenger development is en route for shipment of the first batch in 2015
  • Kissengers aims to be the world’s leader in embodied emotional communication hardware manufacturing and product development, not just a single product company

Our Story

Who We Are

Dinos Andreou, BSc

Co-Founder/ CEO

    • Management Accountant
    • Experienced entrepreneur
    • In charge of Business development and finance


Hooman Samani, PhD

Co-Founder/ Head of Development

  • Founder of Lovotics Research
  • Inventor of the Kissenger and in charge of technical development
  • Former NUS IDMI, Keio-NUS CUTE Centre research fellow
  • World famous authority in Robotics





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